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Our church’s mission statement
Following the example of Christ,
our Church Fellowship exists to love God
and our neighbour with sincerity;
through worship, prayer, fellowship, guidance and healing
to help deepen our relationship with God
and to equip all to serve the community
with care, compassion and commitment
to the glory of God.

Our church's commitment to the community

As part of our Christian witness and service,
we offer our building as a community facility
in order to encourage worship, fellowship, service, learning, entertainment and education
for local residents and visitors.

Our commitment to the community it expressed in our partnership with the Strand Community Trust. For details click here.

The basis of our church life
Is our belief in the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ
God’s Son, who is alive today, able to bring us new life.

For more information about Jesus, see www.rejesus.co.u