“The foundation of all we do has to be prayer, and it is great to see the prayer ministry of the church growing all the time.”
Revd Eric Carless (retired minister) member for 15 years


Prayer requests can be left in the prayer corner (illustrated on right).

Prayer requests are always part of our intercessions at our Sunday morning service. We encourage people to leave their prayer requests during the week.

Personal experience: One member speaks of how he finds prayer works throughout his daily work - click here.

You can email prayers which we will include in our Sunday intercessions: prayer@StrandChurch.org.uk

For daily prayer on the web try:

For daily Bible reading click here

As we plan to do more work on the inside of our building, we are in prayer for God's guidance and help. The following is the prayer we are pledged to use each day:

Loving Father
guide us by your Spirit
   as we renew our church’s life.
Fill us with faith
   to discern your way;
Grant us strength
   to achieve your purposes;
Deepen our love
  for your Son Jesus Christ
so that as we serve you here
others may be drawn to your Kingdom.

For details of our refubishment plans click here