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Re-roofing completed

Disappointment in Scarecrow competition




Signs of deterioration

Patching up the old


Re-roofing the church

Our church building is over 140 years old and we are committed to renewing it externally and internally over the next few years. Fortunately our spire - the highest building in central Dawlish - is in good condition but in 2007 we realized that the roof was in need of urgent replacement. With help from the URC Synod we were able to place an order for total replacement at cost of £155,000, of which £35,000 was for scaffolding (more than the cost of the slates!).

For Health & Safety reasons scaffolding had to be erected inside the church as a 'safety net' for those working on the roof, so for four months the interior of the church took on a look of a vast parcel. Encasing the building in scaffolding proved to be a work of art as the photographs showed. But with our "Business as usual" banner we were able to continue using the building, even hanging Christmas decorations from the scaffolding.

Work continued until mid-May when the roof was completed. The minister, Revd Roger Whitehead, commented "No one looks at roofs and few realize the cost and work involved, so there is not the satisfaction you get from doing new work which everyone can see and which brings immediate and obvious benefit. But it is a job well done, and now we can get on with the interior."

Interior changes
We took the opportunity to change the colour scheme in side the church. To see what was done, click here.



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The scaffolding is erected

Wrapped in polythene

A seagull's view








Even scaffolding inside the church!

Scarecrow competition

There was considerable disappointment that we did not win the scarecrow competition this year, but we did get good publicity for Messy Church.

Scarecrow Messy was decorated with work done by the children and emphasised the craft side of the children's work. We think the colourful figure was the best in the competition!

Thanks to Marie for the work she put in making it—better luck next year.