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Prize winning scarecrow 2007

Christmas Day dinner











Marie receiving the prize and winner's shield at the end of Scarecrow Week.







Some of the "creatures great and small"

URC Scarecrow out does them all
There were 34 entries for last year's Dawlish Scarecrow Week, and the URC's came out top. With the title "All creatures great and small" the scarecrow had over a dozen small animals climbing along shoulders and out of pockets. It was the creation of the church's youth leader, Marie Whitehead, who says, "I enjoyed collecting all the little animals and it was fun making it, but I never thought we would win! Now everyone's saying, 'You'll have to win again next year'." Our picture below shows Marie with the shield presented to the winning organisation.


The church ran a Christmas Day dinner for singles and couples on their own on Christmas Day and 24 people sat down to a traditional meal cooked on the premises. They came from Dawlish and Holcombe and there was one centenarian and several in their nineties. They sat down to melon balls, turkey and all the trimmings and Christmas pudding. Father Christmas arrived to offer each a small bag containing a piece of Christmas cake and chocolate.

This was the idea of the minister's wife, Marie Whitehead, who says, "Many people want a quiet Christmas celebration, not taking up too much of the day. Sometimes being with the family, particularly if it includes boisterous young children, can be just too exhausting - however much you love them."

One highlight was the visit of the Mayor of Dawlish, Cllr Rosalind Prowse. She shared a drink with the diners and chatted to them about Christmases past and present.

Told that it was very sacrificial of the church to provide the dinner, the minister, Revd Roger Whitehead said "It's not been a sacrifice, it's been a pleasure. Our reward has been seeing the happiness on every face. We’have been forced to promise to do it again next year by popular demand."

The meal was provided free by the church but many guests asked if they could make a contribution, so it was decided that those who wished might give to the Christian Aid Bangladesh Appeal. Over £200 was given. And several have booked to come next year.

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